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About Web Sites

Take time to think

Here are a few things to consider before building your web site.
Your domain name or URL is your web site address.
You may choose to have your web site hosted in the same place as your domain.
Often people choose to host their web site separately from the domain, in an effort to find the cheapest deal.
Before you choose a home for your website with a web host, here are a few more things to consider:

What is your purpose?

What are you plans for the web site?
Why do you need this web site?
Who is the audience you want to attract to your web site?
How simple or complicated will your site be?

Start with a rough diagram

It’s good to start with a rough diagram of your site, so that you can visualize your site more clearly.
This will allow you to decide on the realistic amount of space you will probably need for the site.
– how many pages?
– will you want to have file downloads ie. audio, video, pdfs, etc available to your site visitors?

Anything else?

Other things to think about:
bandwidth needs
good customer service
customer-friendly control panel
free or low cost attractive, well structured web design/templates
free scripts, and other support software in the package
unlimited email & email features such as mail forwarding etc
additional domain hosting features ie. sub-domains,
affordable stats analysis options, and social media integration
and online promotion support.